OIST Science Challenge 2015 Science Activity Questionnaire

The OIST Science Challenge 2015 workshop is quickly approaching!!

We need some information from you to ensure an optimal experience at the workshop.  Please complete and submit this short questionnaire to facilitate our preparations for the lab activities.



Select an activity for Tuesday morning

On Tuesday morning participants will be able to select from among three hands-on science activities.  Each is targeted to be accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds while giving a taste of work in the specific field. Please keep in mind, this questionnaire is for planning purposes only, and no experience is required in order for you to participate in any of the activities.

Please select your preferred laboratory activity from among the following three labs:

Please select your First and Second choice of lab activity.  Please keep in mind, no expertise in the specific area is required in order to participate. 

*Please be informed that to balance out the number of participants in each lab, some students may be allocated to his/her second choice.

The First Choice Lab
The Second Choice Lab

Experience with Microscopy

On Thursday morning of the workshop participants will have a variety of hands-on experiences related to microscopy.  Please answer the following questions regarding your own experience with microscopy.  Please keep in mind, this is for planning purposes, and no experience is required in order for you to participate.