Graduate School Organization

Effective Date: September 1, 2020

Further to Graduate School organization found in PRP 5.2, additional details as to section duties can be found below:

1. Academic Affairs Section

The Academic Affairs Section administers and supports the academic program of the Graduate School. The Academic Affairs Section performs the following tasks:

i. Provide course advising;

ii. Organize Academic Mentors;

iii. Manage course enrollment;

iv. Organize thesis supervision;

v. Monitor the academic progress of students;

vi. Coordinate conduct of course assessment and manage results;

vii. Coordinate the examination process;

viii. Determine the results of PhD candidatures;

ix. Administer graduation requirements and the award of degrees;

x. Participate in the formulation of academic policies;

xi. Facilitate a Gap Program for full-time PhD student;

xii. Manage desk allocation;

xiii. Provide secretariat for academic committees including:

a. Curriculum and Examination Committee;

b. Thesis committees


2. Student Affairs Section

The Student Affairs Section is concerned with the everyday requirements of living, health, and welfare of students at OIST. The Student Affairs Section is charged with the following tasks:

i. Implement policies on issues broadly affecting students, including housing, travel expenses support, financial support, and other welfare;

ii. Provide supporting services for students;

iii. Provide orientation to life in Okinawa and Japan for new students;

iv. Disseminate information and advice to students concerning scholarships and financial support;

v. Administer student financial support and scholarships;

vi. Administer student welfare services;

vii. Administer all travel expenses support related to the Graduate School


3. Admissions and Registrar Section

The Admissions and Registrar Section is charged with administering the process of admissions, and handling academic records and data. The Admissions and Registrar Section performs the following tasks:

i. Administer the process of admission;

ii. Administer registration and enrolment of students;

iii. Provide secretariat for the Admissions Committee;

iv. Prepare and maintain database systems concerning:

a. Applicants for admission;

b. Individual records of faculty members;

c. Teaching assignments;

d. PhD thesis supervision;

e. Student academic records;

f. Course schedules;

g. Evaluations of teaching and supervision;

h. Alumni

v. Administer and monitor student transcripts and certificates;

vi. Respond to Graduate School reporting


4. Curriculum and Programs Section

The Curriculum and Programs Section is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality and diversity of the taught component of the educational programs delivered by the Graduate School. The Curriculum and Programs Section performs the following tasks:

i. Administer the delivery of the academic programs of the Graduate School;

ii. Develop and administer curriculum design and content;

iii. Administer independent study and special topics;

iv. Approve and monitor off-campus, online, and distance education;

v. Approve external credit transfer;

vi. Design curriculum for new programs;

vii. Provide resources on good practice in teaching and PhD supervision;

viii. Design and implement co-curricular activities;

ix. Develop collaborative programs with other universities;

x. Develop and implement online teaching;

xi. Manage teaching resources including computers and classrooms;

xii. Provide professional development courses;

xiii. Catalogue courses;

xiv. Schedule courses and classrooms


5. External Engagement Section

The External Engagement Section is charged with recruiting graduate students to OIST, organizing outreach science activities to develop a pathway for future talent in science and activities to engage alumni who are graduates of our degree programs, and handling records and data for potential PhD candidates as well as alumni. The External Engagement Section performs the following tasks:

i. Undertake student recruitment activities;

ii. Maintain the OIST Admissions websites and social media related to student

recruitment activities;

iii. Plan and facilitate outreach activities for secondary school students in and out of Okinawa;

iv. Maintain data concerning:

a. Intending students;

b. Visiting STEM-focused secondary school students;

c. The Graduate School-run workshop and event participants;

d. Alumni

v. Administer alumni association and activities