Seminar:"Homeobox genes and animal evolution: duplication, mutation and divergence" by Prof. Holland


Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 15:00 to 16:30


C700, Lab3 Level C


Title: "Homeobox genes and animal evolution: duplication, mutation and divergence"

Speaker: Professor Peter Holland

Affiliation: University of Oxford, UK & JSPS Fellow, OIST


To understand the evolution of animals, we must understand genomes and development. One of the most important discoveries in 20th century biology was the finding that widely different animal species use similar genes, such as homeobox genes, to build their embryos. But if the genes are conserved, why do animal species look so different? Does evolution subtly change the regulation of key genes, or change the number of genes, or change their protein coding sequences? Examples of all three routes will be discussed, including some surprising examples of how evolution changed the number and function of homeobox genes in mammalian evolution.


Peter Holland is the Linacre Professor of Zoology at the University of Oxford, UK. After a PhD in Genetics from London, he has held academic posts in Reading and Oxford, and currently also holds a JSPS Invitation Fellowship at OIST. His research into animal genomes and evolution has been recognized by award of the Kowalevsy Medal, De Snoo Medal, Linnean Medal, Frink Medal and Genetics Society Medal. He was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society in 2003.

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