Seminar: Correlation effects in skew scattering of electrons, by Prof Tim Ziman


Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 14:00 to 15:00


D014 Meeting Room, Level D, Lab 1


The Graduate School invites you to a seminar by Prof Timothy Ziman from Institut Laue Langevin on "Correlation effects of skew scattering of electrons", which will be introduced by Prof Nic Shannon.  


Skew scattering of electrons in metals can produce the anomalous and spin Hall effects. The microscopic mechanism is normally considered to be either the intrinsic effect of the crystal lattice or scattering from impurities, with the spin-orbit interaction in each case providing the coupling between the spin and the displacement of the electrons. As this is a relativistic effect, it is weak, and this is one of the obstacles to making and detecting spin currents. It is interesting to see whether effects of correlations can enhance the skew scattering and I will discuss this, with reference to impurity scattering in specific alloys. In a ferromagnetic metal, scattering can also be from collective spin fluctuations, and I will discuss the effects of critical spin fluctuations on anomalous and spin Hall effects in ferromagnetic alloys.

Based on work with Bo Gu, Zhuo Xu, and Sadamichi Maekawa of the Advanced Science Research Center, JAEA

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