Class2022 PCD Group Project Final Presentation


Friday, February 16, 2024 - 15:00 to 16:00




Let’s vote for Class 2022 Group Project Awards!

Class 2022 OIST students have been working on group projects for about 10 months as a part of their Professional and Career Development Program (PCD)completion of a group project is mandatory for all students in their Year 1-2, and at the end, students give a presentation on their project. 

Through this student-centered projects, students will develop skills to present science information to a wide range of audience which lead to think about the impact of their research on community. Also, the project emphasizes effective team communication skills development by working as a team in diverse and intercultural environment and being able to explore each other’s ideas to achieve group goals. All projects will have some components where students have opportunities to engage with local Okinawan community members.

Group Project Principals

Each group puts a tremendous amount of time and energy to create great projects. Please join and see their presentation  and vote for;

  • The Best Project Award:  Most ‘Wow-factored’ project
  • Community Award: Most ‘community engaged’ project
  • People’s Choice Award: Just because you LOVE it!

Thank you for your participation and support for the Class 2022!

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