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This list is for advice only and is subject to change as new courses are added or existing courses deleted. Not every course will be offered every year. Contact Curriculum and Programs Section for more information.

Course change is possible within the first month of the term, without penalty. Please discuss with your mentor and submit a request to Graduate School using this form: Course Change Request Form

Course Streams

Please see this file for a visualized mapping out of the courses into discipline-based streams, showing prerequisite dependencies.   Course changes and new courses for AY2021 are in this map (updated December 2021).  


Current Credit Requirements (Applicable to Class 2020 onwards)

Download the OIST curriculum pdf file


Previous: Credit Requirements (Applicable to Class 2012 - Class 2019)

Degree Required Credit Credit Breakdown
BSc 30 12 from mandatory
18 from electives
MSc or equivalent 20 (at least) 12 from mandatory
At least 8 from electives
(as determined in discussion with your Mentor)
  • Electives: 2 credits per normal course, 1 credit for special courses (Independent Study, Special Topics, Workshops). 
  • Mandatory: 9 credits for Lab Rotations, 1 credit for Thesis Proposal, 1 credit for Professional Development I, 1 credit for Professional Development II