[Seminar] Is Cardiac Synchronization an aspect of the Shared Body Schema? Learning from expert musicians


Monday, March 13, 2023 - 15:30




Dr. Simon Høffding,
University of Southern Denmark


«In this talk, I firstly go through the notion of the body schema as the possibility of including other objects or even subjects into our own lived body. I present phenomenological interviews with expert musicians that give us reason to believe that a dimension of their shared musical expertise consists in the construction of such a shared body schema, as a robust sense of “we-ness”. Hypothesizing that cardiac synchronization (CS) (also known as heart rate variability synchronization) might instantiate or contribute to a physiological dimension of this we-ness, a recent experiment indeed, shows that expert musicians have significantly higher CS than adepts and that this synchronization is resilient to performative challenges. Thus, I tentatively argue that CS should be considered as indexical of a shared body schema.»


Everybody is welcomed
Today! 15:30, Monday, 13 of March
Room B503 (liminal space between library and supply store (lab 1 and central building))

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