Froese was Editor in Chief for the latest issue of Adaptive Behavior

Froese edited the latest issue of Adaptive Behavior. Its a special collection featuring a target article by Villalobos and Razeto, which leads to a fascinating dialogue between different approaches to embodied cognition.

New preprint on schizophrenia

Lost in the socially extended mind: Genuine intersubjectivity and disturbed self-other demarcation in schizophrenia

Tom Froese and Joel Krueger

New conference series

We are launching a new conference series: the "International Conference on Embodied Cognitive Science" (ECogS)! Please find attached the conference poster for the inaugural conference, ECogS 2020.

The circular motif in the middle is designed to visually represent the overlapping six founding disciplines of cognitive science - anthropology, neuroscience, philosophy, AI, psychology, and linguistics - from an embodied cognition perspective.

Unit booth at Science Festival

Members of our unit will showcase our research to the public at this year's OIST Science Festival on Saturday, Nov. 16! Come find us at booth #14, Lab 1, Level D. Learn about how we perceive the world by interacting with different kinds of mobile robots and by trying out vision inversion goggles!

Presentation at the Neural Oscillation Conference

Ana Lucia will give a presentation at the Neural Oscillation Conference 2019: Towards Integrative Understanding of Human Nature, which will take place in Kyoto, Nov. 17-19. Her poster is on the topic: "Inter-brain synchrony of neural oscillations: implications for our understanding of human nature".

Participation in SWARM 2019 conference

Our unit will participate in the upcoming SWARM 2019 conference with a talk and two posters! Here are the details: 

Students will participate in ICSB 2019

Two of our students, Ana and Alejandro, will each present a poster featuring their thesis research during the "Systems Biology for Neurosciences and Neural Circuits" session of the 20th International Conference on Systems Biology.

Commentary on different constraints on brain evolution

Fish are an ancient and diverse group of vertrebrates, which makes them an interesting comparative group for studies of mammalian brain evolution. However, caution is required given their distinctive embodiment and environment: cold-blooded bodies and life-long growth in an oxygen-poor habitat.

New article on the sensorimotor basis of audition

We published an article on auditory perception as an active perceptual modality! Here is the reference:

Froese, T. and González-Grandón, X. (in press). How passive is passive listening? Toward a sensorimotor theory of auditory perception. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. Doi: 10.1007/s11097-019-09641-6

First Visiting Research Students arrived!

Welcome to OIST!

Today four new Visiting Research Students, Alejandro, Ana, Caro, and Itzel, arrived to our unit. They will spend this quarter working in the unit in order to finish their dissertations, which they had begun in the 4E Cognition Group at UNAM in Mexico City under the supervision of Dr. Froese.