Hope for the best, plan for the worst: remote plans for ECogS 2021

ECogS 2021 takes place in November, and while prospects for travel are uncertain given the current Covid-19 conditions, there is also a fair possibility that some (or many) travel bans will have been lifted by then. In light of this, here is our plan to make ECogS the best community-building experience and scientific exchange possible!

ECogS 2021 Conference poster

The conference poster is now available for download as a pdf. Please feel free to circulate it in your communities and spread the word!

Call for Proposals for ECogS 2021

The 2021 installment of the International Conference on Embodied Cognitive Science will take place on November 1-5, and is now calling for proposals for participation!

Keynotes hailing from psychology, social cognitive neuroscience, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy of mind, experts from both experimental and theoretical disciplines, will come together to discuss a core theme: how does real-time embodied social interaction matter to the mind?


We have been carefully monitoring news and updates from the Japanese government on coronavirus, and tried our best to make the conference happen. However, following the latest recommendations from the government, OIST just announced that we should suspend all public events, including workshops and conferences, until at least April 29.

Deadline extension!

The deadline of submissions has been extended by 1 week to Friday, January 17, 2020.

Conference poster

The conference poster is now available to download as a PDF!

The circular motif in the middle is designed to visually represent the overlapping six founding disciplines of cognitive science - anthropology, neuroscience, philosophy, AI, psychology, and linguistics - from an embodied cognition perspective.

Call for participation in ECogS 2020

The International Conference on Embodied Cognitive Science (ECogS) will bring together approaches that are theoretically and methodologically diverse yet united in their commitment to an alternative orientation, one in which embodied interaction plays the primary organizing role of life, mind, and consciousness. The aim of this conference series is to facilitate the development of this new orientation in both conceptual and experimental terms.