Our paper is out...

In case you missed it. Our paper on mitotic quality control is out in Science.


Beach Cleaning

Morning Activity at Tancha Beach

Junho Lee received Sasagawa Scientific Research Grant

Another great news! Congratulations to Junho Lee for receiving the Sasagawa Scientific Research Grant (Japan Science Society)

Midori Ohta received JSPS KAKENHI Research Grant

Great news! Midori Ohta received a JSPS KAKENHI grant. Well deserved!

EMBO Workshop - Dynamic Kinetochore

Excited about he Dynamic kinetochore EMBO Workshop at Caux, Switzerland.

17 – 20 June 2024 | Caux, Switzerland

Join us!


JST - OIST Workshop

We had a great time and lots of brainstorming with our visitors from JST-Presto!


Back to work

A new year and everybody is back in the lab.

PLK4 inhibitor enters clinical trial

Very excited about this news. The first PLK4 inhibitor is entering Phase 1 clinical trial. We showed that chemical inhibition of PLK4 is synthetic lethal with chromosomal amplification of TRIM37 across cancers. We focused our studies on neuroblastoma and breast cancer.

Seminar at Academia Sinica

We had the opportunity to visit our neighbors at Acadmia Sinica and National Taiwan University in Taipei. A lot of interesting and inspiring cell biology is happening there! Looking forward to our next visit. Thanks Jen-Hsuan for having us!

RIKEN visited OIST

We were really happy to have excellent scientists from RIKEN visiting OIST in the last two days. 

Midori won the Poster Prize at the Centrosome Meeting

Awesome poster about the regulation of microtubule nucleation at centrosomes.

Congratulations to Midori!

Congratulations Anna

Our internship student Anna has been accepted into the OIST doctoral program. We are very proud of you. Well done!

Summer Camp 2023

A group of medical students from Keio University visited OIST for a week. It was a great pleasure to have Kotone in our lab for several days. We performed live imaging experiments together to visualize the complex rearrangement of microtubules, centrosomes and DNA during cell division.

Esther, Kotone and Belal


Zoran finished his internship in our lab and we are sad to see him leave. 

Zoran and Belal were an excellent team.

We wish you all the best for your next adventure in Zurich.

Recipe for Scientific Synergy

We had a great time with our colleagues from the Osaka University at the "Advancing biotechnology through multidisciplinary approaches" Symposium. Let's do it again!

Centrosome Meeting 2023

Hope to see you there.

Spring Time

Enjoying lunch on a sunny day

Thank you Japan

We recently received the first external grant. This is a very important moment for us and we are very grateful to the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for their support.

Cilia & Centrosomes Meeting

Exiting news! Midori Ohta will give a talk about her work on centrosome assembly at the Cilia and Centrosome meeting in Awaji, Japan (February 28 - March 3, 2023). Don't miss it!


Let's Image

Our microscope finally arrived!

First Lab Photo 2023

We are ready for the challenges of this year.

Unit Lunch

We had a delicious lunch at Makan Makan and took the opportunity to welcome our new colleague Carmen.

The view from our lab

A cloudy day

First Experiment

We did our first cloning! Thanks to Midori and Orie for making it possible. We are ready to go!

New Unit Members

A warm welcome to our new lab members Orie Arakawa, Md Hazrat Belal and Esther Ng (right to left). And on the left is our colleague Midori Ohta.

First equipment arrived

Say hello to our new lab member, who came with our first lab equipment.


Visit us in Lab 1

We are very happy that we can finally move into our laboratory. Visit us in Lab 1 Level C Room 04c.

We are coming soon!

Our laboratory opens its doors on August 1st. We are very much looking forward to meeting our new colleagues. Stay tuned for more updates.