Open Postions

Postdoctoral Scholars / Technician

Position Available!

The Cell Proliferation and Gene Editing Unit aims to understand molecular mechanisms of cell division and mitotic quality control in normal and cancer cells to determine tumor-suppressive mechanisms and cancer-specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited in chemotherapeutic approaches (

We are seeking to recruit a full-time Postdoctoral scholar and a Technician with experience with mouse xenograft experiments and human cell culture. You will be part of a team exploring novel approaches to treat cancer.

The position is funded for one year. Contract renewal depends on external funding.

Qualifications (Required)

  • Experience with mouse xenograft experiments
  • Team spirit and collaborative personality
  • Communication in English

Please contact us if you are interested.


PhD Students

Please contact us if you are interested to join or rotate in our lab.

The OIST Ph.D. program provides funding support for 5 years including salary, housing, conference travels, and subsidized childcare. Note that all Ph.D. students are recruited by the graduate admission committee at OIST, individual professors cannot recruit students directly.