Members (Positions for postdocs and graduate students are OPEN!)


Assistant Professor

Tomomi Kiyomitsu Ph.D.  (August 2019-)

Science and Technology Associate

Ai Kiyomitsu Ph.D. (April 2020-)

Research Unit Technician

  Shiang Jyi Hwang Ph.D. (July 2021- )
  Marvin van Toorn (April 2022-)

Research Assistant

  Yoko Nakasone (March 2022- )

Rotation Students


Research Unit Administrator

 Tomomi Teruya (August 2019-)


Former Members including Intern/Rotation Students (2020 - )

 Erika Fukuhara (Rotation: January 2022 - April 2022)
 Tomoya Noma  (Rotation: January 2022 - April 2022)
 Susan Boerner (June 2020- February 2022) Research Unit Technician
 Lilian Magnus (September 2021 - December 2021) Rotation Student
 Maria Fernanda Bolanos Alejos (September 2021 - December 2021) Rotation Student
 Euikyung Yu (April 2020-October 2021) Research Unit Technician
 Amy Stanton Gooch (May 2021 - August 2021) Rotation Student
 Makiko Ajimura (April 2020 - June 2021) Research Unit Technician
 Shannon Hayashi (January 2021 - April 2021) Rotation Student
 Junichi Enomoto (October 2020-December 2020) Research Intern Student


Positions for postdocs and graduate students are OPEN!

We are looking for motivated postdocs and graduate students who would like to join us on our quest to unravel the basic mechanisms of cell division with cutting-edge technologies.

Please feel free to contact us (e-mail: recruiting-cddu [at] if you are interested.