Deepak Bhat                                                    deepak.bhat(at)

I am a statistical physicist interested in understanding diverse complex biological and social systems. More specifically, some of my previous works are on investigating (a) statistical properties of motor protein-based intra-cellular transport (b) non-equilibrium dynamics of piston in the Szilard engine (c) fixation in fluctuating population, (d) opinion dynamics in a heterogeneous society. I make use of tools of stochastic processes, non-equilibrium statistical physics, and computational techniques in my work.

Davide Chiuchiù                                             davide.chiuchiu(at)

My research activity at OIST involves the study of self-replicating biological systems with stochastic thermodynamics. In particular, I investigate the thermodynamic limits of self-replication mechanisms. Although the study-subject is biological, information theory plays a central role in my research: unwanted errors in self-replication are usually avoided through processes similar to those in current computers. Moreover, it has been established that thermodynamics and information theory are deeply interconnected. During my PhD at the Università degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) I have studied the relation between information and thermodynamics in current computing systems. I am an amateur improv-actor and all-time gamer.


Robert Ross


Robert Ross​                                                           robert.ross(at)

I research the physics of growing active matter. In particular, I am interested in how growth can influence the outcome of many-body systems, such as those often represented by population models and spin models.  Currently, I am trying to understand how growth influences chromatophore development in cephalopods in collaboration with Sam Reiter's group at OIST.

Shrabani Mondal                                      shrabani.mondal(at)

I am interested in understanding biological copying processes. More specifically,  my current research involves investing the optimality principle in biological error correction using mathematical, statistical, and computational approaches. My previous works at the University of Massachusetts Boston are on the development of a theoretical framework for dynamical scaling laws in stochastic chemical kinetics. In my Ph.D. at Visva-Bharati University, India, I was involved in exploring aspects of Brownian motion in barrier crossing dynamics, dynamics of complex systems (aggregation kinetics and cluster formation), stochastic resonance, ambient energy harvesting, and the microscopic theory of heat transfer.

Ph.D. Students

Anzhelika Koldaeva                                anzhelika.koldaeva1(at)

I am a PhD student with mathematical background who is interested in the application of mathematical approaches to biology. Currently I am studying population dynamics of bacteria in microchannels. My goal is to construct and investigate the realistic mathematical model behind the microbial proliferation process with competition for resources. It turns out that the stochastic processes theory, statistical physics, probability theory, and mathematical statistics provide powerful tools to describe complex biological systems with a large number of interacting individuals. Working on the edge of different scientific fields is a completely new experience and of great interest to me! OIST is well-placed to do the research with an amazing view from the window to a tropical island. I am in love with the sea, marine activities, local food, and culture, which makes my time here not only productive but also super-fun!


Lu Qiao​                                             

I’m a PhD student from China with physics background. My main focus is in statistical physics and biophysics, but I have a wide range of interests in many areas of theoretical physics and other activities, such as books about literature, history, history of science. Classical music and travalling are necessary for me as well. Finally, having lived in the UK for 4 years during my undergraduate and master, I’m also a fan of gardening.

Samuel Cyrus Cure​                                    samuel.cure(at)

Before coming to OIST, I studied mathematics at the University College Utrecht in the Netherlands and obtained my MSc in Complex Systems Modelling at King’s College in London. My interests lie in random matrix theory and stochastic processes on networks: I find it fascinating that in order to search for certainty and predictability in large, complex interacting systems one can exploit randomness. For my PhD I am currently studying stochastic spatial models in ecology and more recently models of infectious disease transmission on networks. Complex Systems is a rich and interdisciplinary field and this is perfectly captured by the broad interests of the other members and the expertise of our professor: so it is very exciting to be part of the Biological Complexity Unit here at OIST!

Research Unit Administrator

Kaori Yamashiro   kaori.yamashiro(at)

I manage the unit equipment purchases, travel and visits, workshops, and support the unit members in all of their activities.


+81 (0)98 982 3683 (Kaori Yamashiro), +81 (0)98 966 2248  (Postdocs and Ph.D. students)