Davide Chiuchiù                                             davide.chiuchiu(at)

My research activity at OIST involves the study of self-replicating biological systems with stochastic thermodynamics. In particular, I investigate the thermodynamic limits of self-replication mechanisms. Although the study-subject is biological, information theory plays a central role in my research: unwanted errors in self-replication are usually avoided through processes similar to those in current computers. Moreover, it has been established that thermodynamics and information theory are deeply interconnected. During my PhD at the Università degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) I have studied the relation between information and thermodynamics in current computing systems. I am an amateur improv-actor and all-time gamer.


Paula Villa Martín

Paula Villa Martín​                                        paula.villamartin(at)

I am a physicist enthusiastic about biology. Currently I am focused on the study of microbial population dynamics. Through the study of models based on statistical mechanics and stochastic processes I particularly aim to understand how environmental fluctuations and fluid transport affect the evolution of plankton population. During my PhD at the University of Granada (Spain) I concentrated on how diffusion, spatial disorder, network structure, and co-evolution affects the behavior of ecological and biological systems.  My main hobbies include reading, watching good films, handicraft, and doing sport. Although I have spend most of my time skiing, hiking, and practicing martial arts, I enjoy almost every sport.


Ph.D. Students

Luke Carter​                                                       luke.carter(at)






Darya Stepanenko                                      darya.stepanenko(at)

I am a PhD student, who uses Physics tools to solve problems in biology. Current position is an opportunity for me to pursue my interests and broaden my knowledge in molecular simulations, protein-DNA interactions, protein folding, high performance computing and data analysis.  Although Okinawa is great, I would prefer it to be more hilly, as I like hiking as well as mountaineering, and bigger, so that my grandparents could see it at least on the map.



Research Unit Administrator

Shiho Saito                                                    shiho.saito(at)

Shiho Saito is our Research Unit Administrator




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