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This weeks gaming club will be held in Lab2 room B648 on Saturday (3/1) from 17:30-20:30. We will board games and video games. All our welcome!

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  • Welcome to the OIST Video games Club !!

    Dear all,

    It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of the OIST Video games club here at OIST!

    What is it?

    The creation of this club was approved by OIST on December 2011. Please read below as a quick synopsis, the scope and aims of the club I have presented during the approval process.

    Please check also regularly our calendar to know when and where (99% at the auditorium actually) the club members are gathering.




    Copy of the proposal

  • 'What is the impact of video games on human brain?'...


    Let's be honest. Of course, I have created the OIST Video games club first for a fun purpose. You know, like let's gather some people to share their passion and have fun, using probably the largest screen we would ever play with,... the OIST auditorium.  

    However, it is difficult to forget what we are and where we are working. Usually in our daily conversations, we bring the scienve into. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of questions which have been wandering into my mind for so long: