Board game club

Hello everyone and welcome to the Board game club!

We are a group of enthusiasts who like to play all sorts of board games, and we invite you to join us in this fun activity. You don't need to know anything about board games to start, and you don't even need to have one (we have plenty of games and the collection is growing). In order to make game sessions even better we often bring all kinds of snacks, so grab your favorite and come to play with us! 

Where and when we play

We don't have a regular schedule, so the only way to know about the upcoming game sessions is to join our Facebook chat where we decide what to play and when, but sometimes you will see posts about upcoming session here or on tida. Mostly we play on the weekends and on average it takes a couple of hours (depending on the game).

We play in the kitchen area in Lab 2 Level B (the side above the entrance to Lab 2)

What we like to play

We have a lot of games of different genres, the list of games you can find in the google spreadsheet:

Contact us

If you have any questions, would like to know something else about the club or want to be added to the Facebook chat, please shoot an email to


Sep 2023

Latest Posts

  • Board game session alert

    It is happening!

    The board game club is gathering together to play and enjoy homemade pizza. Can it even get any better? I don't think so

    Grab your favorite snack/drink and come play board games next Saturday 23.09 starting 1 p.m. at Plumeria Lounge in the Gardens. (see the map in the attachments)



    OIST Board game club



  • Finally, a gaming night!

    Hello everyone!


    After a few weeks of being too busy, I will once again host another gaming night event this Sunday, February 24th 2019 at 3 pm at my place, VC405!


    Bring snacks, drinks, and your games if you have any!




    Video Gaming Club

  • First Gaming Event of 2019!

    Hello everyone!

    We will have our first gaming event of 2019 on Sunday, January 27th from 2 pm to 8 pm in VC 405!

    Since the budget is non-existent, I would like to ask everyone to bring a little something to drink and eat!

    As always, we will play a nice selection of games such as Super Smash on the Switch, Towerfall, Mario Party, and much more!

    See you then!

    The Gaming Club