Grant Pre-submission Form

Please submit  "Grant Pre-submission Form" or "KAKENHI Pre-submission Form" to as soon as you decide to submit a grant. 
(One month prior to the agency/sponsor deadline is desired, even in a tentative form.) 

Procedure by Applicant (Principal Investigator of the Proposed Project)

1.    Go to the "Grant Pre-submission Form"  (If you apply for KAKENHI, please use "KAKENHI Pre-submission Form" as this KAKENHI form is specialized in KAKENHI application. )

2.    Fill in the Form (Your name, grant program information, project outline, necessary resources, etc.)

3.    Submit form (Approval request will be sent to your supervisor) (if you are NOT a faculty member)

4.    Your supervisor will forward your application to the Grants and Research Collaborations Section (

Grants and Research Collaborations Section will then proceed with the Form to the approvers, and contact the applicant once the approval is obtained or for more information. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Grants and Research Collaborations Section