Instructors and Staff

Faculty & Curriculum Fellows

(In addition to those listed on Course Organizers page)

Prof Thomas Clandinin
Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University School of Medicine 
Contact for visiting undergraduates from Stanford University
Symposium Speaker & Course Instructor

Prof Akinao Nose
Professor, Physics, University of Tokyo
Course coordination with University of Tokyo physics faculty and students
Course Instructor

Prof Aravi Samuel
Professor of Physics; Member, Center for Brain Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University  
Course Instructor

Prof Mahesh Bandi
Assistant Professor, OIST
Course Instructor

Prof Bernd Kuhn
Assistant Professor, OIST
Symposium Speaker and Course Instructor

Dr Melanie Stefan
Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
Quantitative Workshops and Team Data Analysis Instructor

Dr Yan Liu 
Curriculum Fellow & Lecturer, Harvard Medical School
Assessment Specialist and Quantitative Analysis co-Instructor



Teaching Assistants

Dr Elizabeth McNeil
Harvard University

Dr Helen Yang
Stanford University

Dr Adam Ponzi

Mr Dojin Miyamoto
University of Tokyo

Mr Suguru Takagi
University of Tokyo

Mr Tosif Ahamed

Mr Matti Krueger

Ms Bianca Sieveritz

Mr Valentin Churavy

Ms Sakurako Watanabe

OIST Graduate School Staff

Dr Harry Wilson
Academic Services Section

Ms Keely Brandon
Academic Services Section

Ms Kozue Higashionna
Student Support Section