OIST Science Challenge 2017



1. Workshop

OIST Science Challenge 2017 will be providing participants with a unique opportunity to extend their scientific education and experience research. We also offer valuable information to help them prepare for a doctoral program. Through various interactions with OIST faculty, postdocs, and Ph.D students, the participants will learn about research conducted at OIST, skills needed to survive  and enjoy a Ph.D life.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be asked to present submitted slide presentation on "What is your science dream?" in light of what you have learned throughout the week. Your presentation will be shared with OIST community.

Airfare, travel insurance, accommodation, and meals during the workshop will be provided by OIST.

2. Theme

"What is your science dream?"

This year's theme is "What is your science dream?" and we hope that this workshop will inspire you to think more deeply about your vision for your potential future research.

3. Time & Place

Time: March 6th (Mon) - 10th (Fri), 2017
Place: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)

(Watch the OIST video!)

4. Eligibility

  • Undergraduate, College of Technology, Master’s students in science, engineering, or related major, currently residing in Japan
  • Able to take part in the OIST Science Challenge 2017 from March 6th to 10th

5. Application Documents

  • Slide presentation on the theme "What is your science dream?" (no more than 6 pages)
  • Write a statement of the reasons why you wish to apply for the workshop, under 200 words in English, on the last page of the slide presentation. Your slide can contain up to 7 slides in total, including the 200 words statement, and saved under 30MB.

6. Deadline

January 31st, 2017 (Tue)

7. Selection

Application materials will be carefully reviewed in following criteria.

  • Passion and curiosity for Science
  • Creativity
  • Clarity

From submitted applications, 20 to 30 candidates will be selected and invited to the workshop. During the final slide presentation of those candidates, the following criteria will also be considered:

  • Engagement with the audience
  • Respect of time constraints

8. Contact

E-mail: admissions@oist.jp (OIST the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School)