Holiday Program

Apply For Holiday Program Dates



Families who wish to use the School-Aged Program services for Holiday Program days are requested to sign up at least 2 business days prior to the day services are needed (sign up by the 20th of the previous month to order lunch, when available). Please sign up for each Holiday Program day by clicking the link above. Sign up is separate for each child. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Doors open at 08:30 on Holiday Program days, and the day begins with quiet time. Children can do homework, read, or play quietly. Older children who bring electronic devices to do homework or reading will be permitted to use them in a designated place, and must use them for homework purposes only.

After morning snack, children engage in either structured or unstructed learning activities. Some examples are: measuring ingredients to make the perfect slime, using homemade playdough to make stress balls, exploring chemical reactions to make paper rockets, blow up balloons, or make elephant toothpaste. If children are not interested in the prepared activity they are also free to choose something that peaks their interet.

Children are encouraged to take care of the room by cleaning up after themselves and making sure tables and other surfaces are clean and tidy before lunch begins.

Lunch begins at 12:00. Parents/guardians who have not ordered school lunch for their child are welcome to take their child out for lunch, other wise they should provide a lunch box (bento) for their child to eat. Please make sure to pack a lunch which does not need to be heated as microwave oven use will not be available. Parents/guardians are welcome to eat with their child in the School Age Program room if there is space.

Food guidelines for food brought from home:

NO nuts are allowed, due to severe allergies. Please be aware that some prepackaged purchased snacks contain nuts. Please check the ingredients on all packaging carefully.

Yogurt or other dairy products are not recommended as they might be in the backpacks all day and not be fresh during afterschool hours.

Sharing food with non-family members is strictly prohibited.

SAP Snack Guidelines

After lunch, children have free time for homework or other quiet activities, followed by outdoor play (weather-permitting).

The Holiday Program will merge with the Extended After School and After School programs from 13:30.


08:30 Doors Open
  Homework / Quiet play / Reading
09:30 Morning Snack
10:00 Activity
  Clean up
  Free Time
12:00 Lunch Time
  Quiet play / Reading /  Homework
13:30 Extended After School begins