Acting Chair: Sutashu Tomonaga

Sutashu Tomonaga


Academic life before OIST:

I received my undergraduate degree from Waseda University's department of electrical engineering and bioscience. My research focused on the analysis of information learning systems, specifically exploring the generalizability of deep neural networks (DNNs) through the application of the network information criterion (NIC).

Unit at OIST:

I shifted gears and started studying neurophysiology, and now I'm in the Neural Computation Unit (Doya Unit).

I study neurophysiological signals, because:

I'm passionate about improving one's well-being and also happen to be interested in machine learning. So, my current research involves developing models to predict and potentially control an individual’s health by analyzing wearable device data and studying the latent dynamics of humans.

In Okinawa, I like to:

Go for walks (at least when my limbs are functional)

I am the Chair position, because:

I want to see a welcoming and supportive community within OIST. I'm devoted to making sure all individuals feel included and proud to be part of the community.

You can contact me if you...

... have any feedback on the student council’s activities, suggestions for future initiatives, or general inquiries about our organization. I am always happy to connect with members of our community and provide any support or assistance that I can.