Events Officer: Tom Wilfling

Tom Wilfling


Academic life before OIST:

I pursued my undergraduate studies in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Jacobs University Bremen and directly went to OIST after!

Unit at OIST:

π-conjugated Polymers Unit

I study Polymer chemistry, because:

Originally coming from Medicinal Chemistry, I was fascinated with making new things and wanted to explore more areas of chemistry I was unfamiliar with. Diving into polymer chemistry gave me the opportunity to explore new areas and tackle new challenges! My work revolves around synthesizing polymers with asymmetric sidechains and studying the changes in properties this might bring.

In Okinawa, I like:

... to hang out with my friends, go out to Izakaya’s, and complain about the humidity :D.

I am the Events Officer, because:

I enjoy bringing people together and providing them with an environment they can unwind and enjoy themselves. Ph.D. is stressful, let's relax a bit together! 

You can contact me ...

... if you have any ideas for new events, have an event in mind you want to do, or just enjoy a beer together (Sapporo is the best, change my mind)