Communications Officer: Tara Turkki (she/her)

Tara Turkki



Academic life before OIST

I came from another very international university in Bremen, Germany where I received my BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Before that, I lived in Tokyo and Taipei during my high school years.

Unit at OIST

Neuronal Rythms in Movement

I study Neuroscience of Movement, because

Although my background is in biochemistry and cell biology, during my bachelor’s studies, I gained a deeper interest for neuroscience while doing my minor in psychology. I wanted to transition more towards this field during my PhD which I was able to do by joining the Neuronal Rhythms in Movement unit.

In Okinawa, I like to

Go to the beach, snorkel, and spend as much time outside as possible (when time and the weather allow it) since it’s such a beautiful island. I also love eating pancakes.

I am the Communications Officer, because:

I believe the impact of the Student Council is only achieved through effective communication. 

You can contact me ...

... if you want to announce an event, a cool activity, or an announcement in the Monday Mailout!