Junior Academic Deputy: Ryo Nakatani

Photo of Ryo Nakatani

Ryo Nakatani

Academic life before OIST:

I studied microbial growth in stress conditions as an undergrad and masters at Keio University in Japan.
I was in the USA until the 7th grade of middle school and have been in Japan ever since.

Unit at OIST:

Computational Neuroscience is utterly different from what I was previously studying.

I study glia because:

They are starting to reveal themselves as interesting key players in the learning and memory of the brain,
which was a notion that was dismissed previously.

In Okinawa, I like to:

Go diving and camping, and also BBQs.

I am the Junior Academic Deputy because:

I want to help students who are beginning their Ph.D., which can be confusing.
You can contact me for questions or concerns regarding the first two years of academic life at OIST,
such as lab rotations, proposals, and courses.