Sustainability Representative: Florian Lalande

Hello everyone. I am Florian, your Sustainability Representative.

Okinawa is the most beautiful place I have ever lived, and I am sure that all of you agree with me to say that Okinawan landscapes, culture, flora and fauna are breathtaking. This is therefore a pleasure for me to be involved in the sustainability development of OIST. As our University expands, I believe that this is our responsibility to protect the subtropical rainforest and the inhabitants of Onna-son.

I used to be in the Sustainability Committee of my previous Institution in France, promoting energy saving policies, waste recycling and renewable alternatives. I remain at the students’ disposal to hear new ideas and concerns.

My main objective is to build a Sustainability Committee for OIST with various executive members in order to address sustainability development issues in the long run. This Committee has a vocation to remain active in the next years to support OIST development. In the short term, I am also a member of the OIST Eco Club which runs tangible projects like beach cleaning or plastic consumption awareness campaign.

Our generation is more alert to climate change problems and sustainability challenges than our elders, and I am convinced that we can bring a beneficial impact to OIST by raising concerns and suggesting new ideas. I am happy to serve as an intermediate, and I wish the future of OIST to be as thriving and green as possible thanks to our collective efforts.