Vice Chair: Ayşe Oshima Açıkbaş

Ayşe Oshima Açıkbaş



Academic life before OIST:

I got my B. Sc in Biological Sciences in the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and gained research experience through internships in the fields of Evo-Devo and Cancer Biology.

Unit at OIST:

Marine Climate Change Unit.

I study Climate Changes and its effects in the fish assemblages, because:

... it is about a relevant, pressing issue that I want to learn about as much as possible before potentially pursuing a career that will address it.

Also I really enjoy learning about the sheer diversity of fishes out there. Currently my favorite fish is the red-lipped batfish.

In Okinawa, I like to:

Take walks, cycle, find interesting little corners and things. I occasionally take out my pet budgie Fıstık to sunbathe. Say hi if you see us.

I am the Vice Chair, because:

Due to my deep curiosity about the governance and evolution of young institutions.

You can contact me ...

If you want your voice and feedback heard about the problems you encounter in your academic life.