Dates: May 16 - June 3, 2011


  • Dan Andersson, Uppsala Universitet
  • Joachim Hermisson, University of Vienna
  • Hideki Innan, Graduate School of Advanced Studies
  • Ichizo Kobayashi, University of Tokyo
  • Takehiko Kobayashi, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
  • Thomas Lenormand, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, Montpellier
  • Michael Lynch, Indiana University
  • Gilean McVean, Oxford
  • Simon Myers, Oxford
  • Molly Przeworski, University of Chicago
  • David Romero, Centro de Ciencias Genómicas, UNAM
  • Susan Rosenberg, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Mikkel Schierup, Aarhus University
  • Guy Sella, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Yun Song, UC Berkeley
  • Joel Stavans, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Clifford Zeyl, Wake Forest University


  • Asaf Tal, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Iwijn de Vlaminck, Delft University of Technology
  • Abrahan Hernandez, Karolinska Institutet
  • Paul Jenkins, UC Berkeley
  • Graham McVicker, University of Chicago
  • Joseph Pickrell, University of Chicago


  • Jonathan Miller, OIST
  • Alexander Mikheyev, OIST
  • Gilean McVean, Oxford


Lecturer Title
Dan Andersson Gene amplification and adaptive evolution
Joachim Hermisson Population genetic models of adaptation
Hideki Innan Population genetics of gene duplication
Ichizo Kobayashi Genome dynamics and evolution
Takehiko Kobayashi Regulation of Ribosomal RNA Gene Copy Number and Its Role
in Modulating Genome Integrity and Evolutionary Adaptability in Yeast”
Thomas Lenormand Resistance evolution: a paradigmatic example for evolutionary biology
Michael Lynch Recombination and Evolution: Causes, Consequences, and Estimation
Gilean McVean Conservation and turnover in the evolution of human and chimpanzee recombination rates
Alexander Mikheyev Horizontal gene transfer in bdelloid rotifers
Jonathan Miller A genome-wide view of synonymous codon conservation
Simon Myers Admixture, population structure and recombination
Molly Przeworski Causes and consequences of variation in human recombination
David Romero Gene Conversion: role of systems for initiation and migration of the Holliday junction
Susan Rosenberg Mutation as a Stress Response and the Regulation of Evolvability
Mikkel Schierup Ancestral Population Genomics: Selection and recombination maps in ancestral species
Guy Sella Genome-wide signatures of positive selection in Drosophila and humans
Yun Song Sampling distributions in population genetic models with recombination
Joel Stavans Fidelity and target location in homologous recombination
Clifford Zeyl Evolutionary effects of recombination in yeast


Tutor Title
Asaf Tal Optical methods in the study of homologous recombination
Abrahan Hernandez Structure and biology of the synaptonemal complex
Iwijn de Vlaminck Single-molecule experiments on DNA repair
Graham McVicker Detection of Background Selection
Paul Jenkins Sampling theory for inference about crossover and gene conversion
Joseph Pickrell Inference of positive selection from genomic data in humans