Engineering Section


Our mission is to contribute to forwarding research, by assisting researchers in the design, fabrication and characterization of experimental setups, samples and devices.

Our teams of dedicated specialists provide support for Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and  Nanofabrication and Characterization.


The mechanical engineering workshop is housed in a dedicated, purpose built facility opened in 2016.  Trained technical staff undertake fabrication using a range of manually operated and CNC machine tools.  User operated facilities include manual machine tools, hand tools, a laser engraver/cutter and 3D printers.

Our micro/nanofabrication facilities are centered around the Class 1000 cleanroom, which is equipped for fabrication of samples on the nanoscale.  Using the state of the art deposition, lithography and etching tools our expert staff can help you to achieve your goals.  Characterization of your sample can be carried out on the various characterization instruments available in, and close to the cleanroom. This also includes optical characterization facilities located in Lab 4.

The electronics support helps you in your electronics-related projects, whether you need to fabricate a printed circuit board (PCB), need a consultation, or make and assemble an electronic prototype our staff can help you achieve your goals. 

All training requests are handled via the PPMS requesting system. Please visit the following page to book a training with a specialist:  PPMS

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