"X-ray Dark-Field Imaging: Its Details and BioMedical Applications - Progress Overview since 2000 -"


Friday, March 4, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:00




Abstract—Optics of X-ray dark-field imaging (XDFI) under development with synchrotron radiation will be reported in detail; this can particularly provide with high contrast and high spatial resolution of human soft tissue. The XDFI optics consists of a monochromator-collimator (MC) and a Laue type angle analyser (LAA). This means a crystal based imaging. Started with 2D images in the year 2000 now we can acquire 3D images of breast tissue, eye ball, articular cartilage and artery successfully. We are particularly interested in improving the current spatial resolution 10mm to a better one. Analysis of the spatial resolution after LAA using the theory by Takagi-Taupin is under way.

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