Seminar: “Overview of Synchrotron Radiation Science at Photon Factory”


Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00


C016, Lab1


Seminar: “Overview of Synchrotron Radiation Science at Photon Factory”


Prof. Masami ANDO, Professor at Tokyo University of Science



The speaker selected synchrotron radiation science as his work through life in mid 1970’s when he decided to study some in UK. UK, California, Germany and Italy were four of leading countries in that field. After 2 years stay in UK and California to try to access to synchrotron radiation labs he joined the project of the Photon Factory that was started its construction in 1978. This was launched by scientists in X-ray instrumentation, protein crystallography, mineralogy and bioscience. This project was funded by the Monbusho (Ministry of Education) and completed its construction in 1982 and was opened to worldwide users in 1983 after commissioning the accelerators, insertion devices and beamlines. All details of this project and general view of scientific application of synchrotron radiation will be reported. Among a variety of application of synchrotron radiation two projects I am particularly interested, which are based on X-ray optics, have been selected: one is precision lattice parameter measurement and medical imaging. Both of them are based on application of X-ray optics, so called double crystal X-ray optics in parallel arrangement. Also let me show you who are interested in performing research with synchrotron radiation how to apply experimental proposals. All participants are particularly welcome to ask as many questions as possible during the talk.

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