"Postdoc Positions; to do's and don'ts"

If you don’t want to become a “Permadoc” (Permanent Postdoc!),

then you have to choose your postdoc positions very wisely!

Majority of OIST postdoc alumni who left employed in 2015 and 2016, accepted another postdoc position. Some of the current postdocs are also looking for another postdoc position after their employment at OIST. Therefore, the PCDA is facilitating a roundtable on

"Postdoc Positions; to do's and don'ts"

Our speakers will share their knowledge and experience on what factors to consider when selecting your future:

  • Mentor
    • e.g. expectations from both sides, career goal perspective, career development opportunities and etc
  • Project
    • e.g. lab dynamic, size of lab, collaboration opportunities, number of publications, potential grant proposals, future perspective and etc
  • University
    • e.g. reputation, facilities, culture, social/family life, living costs, benefits, work permit, future perspective and etc

Date/Time:  12:30-14:00 on Wednesday, April 27th
Venue: Central Building, Seminar room B250
Registration is NOT required. All OIST Community are welcome!


  • Dr. Katarzyna Bozek
    • A PhD in computer sciences with a focus on computational biology from Max Planck Institute for Computer Sciences in Germany, Kasia has 4 years of postdoc experience in Partner Institute for Computational Biology in Shanghai, China. Kasia is currently a Group Leader at OIST.
  • Dr. Ludovic Jaubert
    • With a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in France, Ludo has 3 years of postdoc experience in Max Planck (Germany), University of Oxford (UK) and OIST. Ludo has been a Group Leader at OIST for the past 3 years.
  • Dr. Sherida Johnson
    • Obtained her PhD in organic chemistry from University at Albany in the US, Sherida did her first postdoc at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA. She worked there for 7 years; postdoc for 2 years, staff scientist for 3 years and then unofficial CEO of her PI's startup company for the last two years. Sherida has been OIST Staff Scientist for the past 4 years.
  • Dr. Sina Safayi
    • With a DVM and PhD in Animal Physiology, Sina has total of 6 years of postdoc experience at University of Copenhagen in Denmark, Clemson University and Iowa State University in USA. Sina is currently OIST Postdoctoral Career Development Program Lead.