Joining support groups for “Grant Writing”

Postdoctoral Career Development Advice (PCDA) and the Grants and Research Collaborations Section (GRCS) are forming small support groups of researchers with similar status and similar goal in terms of finding grants and writing proposals. This initiative is coordinated by Dr. Cecilia Lu,  Group Leader, Van Vactor Unit.

In these groups, you brainstorm, receive support from and/or provide support to your fellow researchers on for example:

  • where to start,
  • how to put your application together,
  • how to improve it, and
  • how to increase your chances of getting it funded.

Along the way and if needed, you will be having support and/or advice from GRCS, PCDA and other OIST senior researchers with grantsmanship experience.

If you are interested in joining one of these small support groups, please fill out the form below [after discussing it with your PI].