Workshop: "Women of Influence".


Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 10:00 to 15:00


For RSVP only.


Target Audience: Researchers and students. Faculty and administration members are also welcome.

Session format: Workshop (with breaks).

Facilitator: Kirstie O’Sullivan, the Director of The Voice Practice.

Short description: 

The most successful women are often not the most brilliant, the most accomplished or even the most experienced. What these women have in common is an ability to communicate that opens doors, creates opportunity and offers them influence.

During “The Voice of the Influence: Women of influence” workshop participants will discover practical insights and learn strategies they can implement immediately in their professional and personal to increase courage, confidence and influence when speaking.

Leaning Objectives:

This webinar is designed for all those who would like to;

  • Gain an insight into your personal speaking style.
  • Understand how to amplify your speaker strengths and identify areas for growth.
  • Speak accurately about yourself so you don’t sabotage the most meaningful goals.
  • Increase your influence by changing how you talk to yourself and others in high performance speaking situations.
  • Understand the nuance in speech that can mean the difference between a red and a green light.
  • Explore tools to combat nerves and immediately connect with your content and audience.

Registration is required. Spaces are limited to 16 participants.

Webinar: "Voice of Influence" attendance is a pre-requisite for workshop attendance. You will be also asked to complete an online self-evaluation.

Registration deadline: March 8th 2021.

To register CLICK HERE.

About the speaker:

Kirstie O’Sullivanthe Director of The Voice Practice has long been fascinated by the power of the human voice to engage minds, influence hearts and incite action. She is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most sought after specialists on the speaking voice for business professionals. 

After in-depth personal practice and extensive training in the art and science of voice & performance Kirstie created The Voice Practice upon returning to New Zealand in 2007. 

Since then she has consulted across multiple sectors including corporate, education, creative industries, not-for-profit and start up. As a consultant and facilitator Kirstie designs and delivers solutions to help organizations develop the voice of their people. As a coach Kirstie is an expert at equipping business speakers to succeed in high performance speaking environments through a flexible, focused and – dare we say it – fun process.

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