Interactive Lecture: "Maximizing your contribution within a High Performing Team".


Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:30


C700, Lab 3.


Target Audience: Everybody is welcome.

Session format: Interactive lecture.

Facilitator: Deborah McGovern, Head of Training & Consultancy Belbin, Cambridge UK.

Short Description:

We will look at how to enhance communication and optimise individual and collective effectiveness within a team, in the context of both OIST and future employment. This session will use Belbin Team Roles as the framework touching on what makes high performing teams and high performing team-members.

Learning abjectives:

  • increased self-awareness of behaviour;
  • greater understanding of how and why people behave as they do;
  • appreciation of behavioural difference and diversity in dynamic, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teams.




About the facilitator: 

Deborah McGovern of Training & Consultancy for Belbin. She facilitates UK and international team-building projects, at board and all levels and has taught on leadership programmes.  Her focus is on using the Team Role model to increase individual, team and organisation effectiveness in the light of strategic business objectives and to improve interpersonal communications. 

She previously was head of HR for a computer company, where she also assisted in acquisitions of software and biotechnology businesses.  She has worked in change management consultancy and been director of an executive search company. 

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