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Microstructure turbulence profiler

Manufacturer: Rockland Scientific International

Model: VMP-500-RT

Features: The VMP-500 we possess is a vertical microstructure profiler for the measurement of dissipation scale turbulence up to 750 m depth.  This model is available with real-time data transmission.  The user should prepare Matlab with Signal Processing Toolbox for the measurement and the analysis.

Nitrate sensor

Manufacturer: Satrantic (Sea-Bird Scientific)

Model: Deep SUNA V2

Features: The Deep SUNA measures nitrate concentrations using UV absorption technology.  The depth rating is 2000 m.  This sensor has an analog output (5V) and can be mounted to the VMP-500 or other platforms.  Stand-alone operation is also available with our external battery canister.

Underway CTD

Manufacturer: Teledyne Oceanscience

Model: UCTD

Features: The UCTD is a “tow-yo” instrument to profile the water column from the sea surface to >400 m depth.  It can be operated at ship speeds up to 10 knots.  We can provide not only a Sea-Bird CTD sensor, but also a custom-made CTD with RINKO-DO and fluorescence/turbidity sensors.

CTD logger

Manufacturer: Sea-Bird Scientific

Model: SBE 37-SMP

Features: The SBE 37-SMP is a high-accurate CTD sensor with internal batteries and memory.  The depth rating is 2000 m.

Portable dissolved oxygen sensor

Manufacturer: JFE Advantech

Model: ARO-PR

Features: The ARO-PR is a high-accurate optical DO sensor.  The initial accuracy is ±1% of measured value or ±1.5 μmol L-1, which enables us to easily measure DO as an alternative to Winkler method.