nRIM allies

No lab is an island! Here are some of our close allies, keeping company and giving advise when most sorely needed:

Ms. Yoda Cukierek, Very Important Cat

Yoda chooses to live in Yoe's house and her job is to keep it rodent-free. One day she will be on the author list of a paper entitled "Anatomical study of the cerebella of wild mice caught by and decapitated by a small cat". She also is very good in killing mukades and small snakes, fights off intruding male cats twice her size and has survived at least one Habu bite. Her rodent-based diet is supplemented by MonPetit Crispy Kiss Grain-free snacks (salmon taste).

She is regularly advicing the nRIM on whether our mouse video recordings are of sufficient level of scientific interest. Also, her comments on zoom-based faculty council meetings are invaluable in keeping everyone focused on matters that are genuinely important (Crispy Kiss snacks).

Yoda is equipped with remote-controllable (3G/LTE) LED and sound system, wears a GPS and RF transponder, as well as a cute little bell. All this produces extensive amount of data on how far a small cat can travel, and provides Yoe a lot of opportunity to play Lara Croft around the graves and ruins in the jungle, climbing down trees holding a cat while avoiding snakes.  Yoda's adventures can be followed through her instagram account.

Mr. Kuro, Very Important Dog

After some deliberation, Kuro has decided to share living space with Bogna. He is very elegant, fluffy and proud dog that enjoys long days on the beach. During COVID-19 pandemic, he has been somewhat saddened by the lack of visitors to his home; however, the Amazon Delivery Human is an entertaining being that helps somewhat. Kuro engages in long scientific and philosophical discussions with his human friends (Kuro Maintenance Team), thereby without a doubt contributing to nRIM happiness and wellbeing.


Miss Bilge Ozer, Very Important Kid

Bilge is the youngest member of nRIM. She lives with Aysen and her job is to help Yoe to understand the patience level of nRIM candidates. Joining by lab dinners, she tastes all the plates ordered and plays with many "toys" available on the table, in the meanwhile she asks questions to all of us especially to the candidates, thus Yoe sees how tenacious they are!

She also helps nRIM lab members to improve their resiliences by joining various nRIM lab events.

Recently she is very busy with many activities such as doing karate, swimming, rythmic gymnastics, playing violin & piano, going to juku (cram school) and elementary school, but still in charge when needed.

Maybe you will be the next to be tested!!  :)