Past Events

Pride Month 2024: Exploring the Rainbow, an introduction to the LGBTQIA+ spectrum


A brief introduction to the wide LGBTQIA+ spectrum and the colourful flags that represent different groups.

The format will comprise a short talk and discussion.

Open to all.

[RSVP REQUIRED] Feminism and Intersectionatily in Okinawa, 4th edition: Same-sex partnership system in Okinawa

Center Building B503

We will discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plans for Okinawa, focusing on the partnership system that recognizes sexual minority couples as equivalent to married ones. In February 2024, Okinawa Prefecture announced that the issuance of certificates to publicly certify a couple's relationship, currently limited to residents of Naha and Urasoe cities, will soon be expanded to all areas of the prefecture. The public services provided based on the certificates will be left to the judgment of each municipality and private company. However, the details of the system, including the contact point for issuing the certificates, are still under consideration. The panelists will address the current issues being faced.

Feminism and Intersectionality in Okinawa: 3rd Edition

Seminar Room B250

Initiatives for fostering awareness on sexual diversity and human rights in Okinawa by the University of the Ryukyus
Emi Yano (Professor - University of the Ryukyus)

Activities of the NGO Okinawa Girls Empowerment IAm
Wakana Maeda (NGO IAm)

Moderated by Ayano Ginoza (Associate professor, University of the Ryukyus)

Reflections on an epidemic: HIV in Japan and Okinawa today


Part 1) A quick history of the HIV epidemic and key advances to end it: ART, U=U, PrEP

Part 2) Living a rich life in challenging times

Speakers: Ben Collins and Dr. Hideta Nakamura

Feminism and Intersectionality in Okinawa

OIST Center Building B250

Feminism and Intersectionality in Okinawa



[Pride Month 2022] Discussion: Allyship 101


Presented by OIST LGBTQ+ Allies