Amphioxus genome

    This page contains information regarding the genome and annotation of the  chromosome-scale genome assembly of the lancelet Branchiostoma floridae, as published in our recent manuscript: 

    Simakov, O.*, Marlétaz, F.*, Yue, J.X., O’Connell, B., Jenkins, J., Brandt, A., Calef, R., Tung, C.H., Huang, T.K., Schmutz, J. and Satoh, N., Yu, J.-K., Putnam, N.H., Green, R.E & Rokhsar, D.S., 2020. Deeply conserved synteny resolves early events in vertebrate evolution. Nature Ecology & Evolution, pp.1-11.

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    Genome assembly 

    Genome FASTA:[link]

    Gene prediction gtf:  [link]

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