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(updated on July 29 2023)

Okinawa (OIST and Onna-Viladge)

OIST is located in the Onna-Viladge, Okinawa, Japan, which is a resort place in Japan. Average temperature of Okinawa in March is 16-21 Celsius (or 61 - 70 Fahrenheit), and there are many beaches around OIST.

For entering into Japan

※If you are boarding an aircraft arriving in Japan after midnight Japan time on April 29 ,valid vaccination certificate or pre-departure test is NOT required.


Naha International Airport

How to transfer between Narita and Haneda

Airport Limousine is the easiest way to transfer between the two airports. Fare: 3,200 JPY/one-way (approx. 1 h 15-30 mins)

■From Narita to Haneda by Limousine bus [Timetable]

[Bus stop]

Narita Terminal 1: No 12

Narita Terminal 2: No15

■From Haneda to Narita by Limousine bus [Timetable]

[Bus stop]

Haneda Terminal 1: No 6

Haneda Terminal 2: No 7

Route Navigator for train and bus

Ground transportation in Okinawa 

Naha Airport to the OIST campus: The access map is available on the OIST webpage
Hotels to the OIST campus: We will organize shuttle buses to pick up and drop off participants on weekdays (morning and evening). We will share more detailed information later.


Meals during MLSS2024


Other information

  • Currency Exchange: ATMs: ATMs for credit card cash withdrawal are available in Naha Airport, nearby post offices and convenience stores.  You will need a PIN code to use this service and some fees may apply. 
  • [IMPORTANT]Electricity: The AC outlet in Japan is 100 volt, and fits plugs with two parallel blades (Type A). Please check if the AC adapter of your laptop is compatible with Japanese style and bring a plug adapter or a voltage converter if necessary.