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Application Timeline (UTC) (Updated on September 7th)

Sep 7th. We separated the abstract and submission deadlines. 
Applicants can modify their submission until October 10th. However, we will not accept new submissions after September 30th.

Application website opens August 1, 2023
Abstract Submission Deadline September 30, 2023
CV, supplement, reference letter submission Deadline October 10, 2023
Notification November 1, 2023 23:00 (UTC)
Registration site open November 10, 2023, 10:00 (JST)
Registration Fee Payment November 30, 2023

Target Audience (Updated on August 9th)

MLSS Okinawa 2024 is open to all applicants, and we aim to select 200 highly motivated participants. Our primary target audience consists of master and PhD students with a strong technical background in machine learning related research topics. However, a limited number of industry practitioners, professors, researchers, outstanding bachelor's students may also be considered, depending on space and availability. Industrial applicants may also be able to attend via sponsorship from their industry. All participants are expected to have knowledge of programming in Python, a keen interest in machine learning, and familiarity with linear algebra, basic calculus, and basic probability and statistics.

Registration Fees

Type Registration Fee (JPY)
Students                        50,000
Academics (Postdocs / Staff scientists /Faculty members, etc)                      100,000
Professionals (Non-academics, Industry researchers/engineers etc.)


Note: On November 1st, 2023, 50,000JPY is about 332 USD (1$ = 150.47JPY) or 315 Euro (1 Euro = 158.63JPY).

Poster Presentation

Posters have been a longstanding tradition at MLSS, and each participant is required to present their poster in person. The content of the poster does not necessarily have to be from published work, as ongoing projects or work resulting from undergraduate projects are also acceptable. While the day program covers a range of topics of general interest, the poster sessions provide an opportunity for participants to engage with their peers and discuss their own research. The poster presentations will be informal and relaxed.

Submission guideline 

All applications for the MLSS Okinawa 2024 will be reviewed. The review process will help determine admission but also prioritization of financial support. Please submit the following information through the MLSS 2024 OpenReview page. There is no fee for applying to MLSS Okinawa 2024.

Required documents:
- Title and abstract of your poster. (Note that in Openreview, it says "Title of paper". But, please read it as "Title of poster".)
- The motivation for the application.
- Curriculum Vitae (pdf).
- (Optional) Supplementary Material. Published papers, Technical reports, Github page etc.
- (Optional) Reason for travel support.
For students, a short letter of recommendation from one referee of their choice is required. So, please submit the referee information from the below webform. The request will be automatically sent to the referee.

(For students) The applications will be reviewed after the deadline of September 30 October 10th (UTC), allowing you to update your application until September 30th October 10th (UTC). However, please note that the abstract deadline is on September 30th (UTC) and we require a reference letter to be submitted by October 10th (UTC). We highly encourage you to make your application submission and approach your referee well in advance.

The referee information submission webform (Only for students)

For Openreview ID, please input the submission number. If you have already submitted with other information, that is completely fine and you do not need to resubmit the form.