Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When does the application site open?

We aim to open the application page on August 1st. We plan to request you to submit a CV, poster title, and poster abstract. 

Q2. Will there be financial aid for international students?

Yes. We plan to provide support for international students. In the application, you can declare whether you need travel support and write about the reason for travel support. 

Q3. Where the participants will stay during MLSS? Also, how to move to OIST campus (also return from the campus)?

There are several hotels near the OIST campus and we will organize shuttle buses to pick up and drop off participants on weekdays (morning and evening). We will share more detailed information later.

Q4. Are students accepted on a rolling basis, or are all applications reviewed after the deadline of September 30?

The applications will be reviewed after the deadline of September 30 (UTC), allowing you to update your application until September 30th (UTC). However, please note that we require a reference letter to be submitted by the deadline. We highly encourage you to make your application submission and approach your referee well in advance.

Q5. My university domain name is missing in Openreview. What should I do?

Please contact Openreview. 

Q6. I am not a machine learning student or researcher. Can I apply MLSS?

Yes. We welcome all applicants who are working on machine learning or are willing to learn machine learning methods more. There is no fee for application; we encourage you to apply if you are interested in MLSS.

Q7. On the open review application, we are supposed to list the authors on our "paper" (which means poster). The poster I'm interested in submitting is joint work with many people. Am I supposed to list all my co-authors, with the understanding that as the first author, I am the one applying to MLSS? Or am I only supposed to list myself?

Either is fine. For simplicity, you can simply list your name. If you submit the poster information that you are not the first author, please get the approval to present the work from your co-authors.

Q8. I have submitted a paper to EMNLP and currently waiting for a notification. The notification date is on October 7th and EMNLP has anonymity period, which is after the abstract deadline. Can I still apply to MLSS?

Yes. MLSS 2024 Okinawa is not an archival workshop or conference; you can apply with the poster information. Since EMNLP has an anonymity period (by October 7th), we decided to have separate abstract and submission deadlines. So, please make a submission without the paper information (You can put "To be updated" in the title and the abstract sections) by September 30th and ask for a reference letter first (for students). After the notification date, please modify your submission by the submission deadline (October 10th). 

Q9. Currently, I am undertaking a Ph.D. program while also actively engaged in industry research. I was wondering if I could apply as a student, given my dual role.

Yes. You can apply to MLSS 2024 Okinawa as a student. However, we in general ask all the students to join MLSS for an entire 2 weeks. Because networking is one of the main purposes of MLSS.  So, if you can attend MLSS for an entire two weeks, please consider applying as a student. If you would like to attend part of MLSS, please consider to applying MLSS as an industry researcher.