Welcome! New people in our lab from May 2021

We are pleased to announce new rotation students and a technician arrived at our lab in May 2021.OIST 1st year Ph.D. student - Jann Zwahlen says, "For my rotation project, I will work with surface slicks and study if fish larvae are attracted to slickwater and if it has any effects on their metamorphosis timing." This fascinating topic will be carried out by Jann Zwahlen and postdoc Manon Mercader. As you can see from the photo image, they have actively done their fieldwork!! 

New technician - Hiroki Takamiyagi says, "I will support our unit's fieldwork at sea. I will fully utilize local knowledge for the success of our unit." He is born and raised in Okinawa. Therefore, he is an up-and-coming person for sampling in Okinawa. 

OIST 1st year of Ph.D. student - Arjun Manish Joshi says, "I'm investigating the potential relationship between pigmentation pattern development and dorsal fin morphology in Amphiprion ocellaris larvae. Specifically, I will look at the effects of pharmaceutical interventions on the spine/soft ray boundary and at the white body bar present on A. ocellaris." Now, that our fish are spawning at the Marine station, he has larvae to work with. He and staff scientist Marleen Klann will have a few busy and productive months ahead of them!

We hope all of you will get good results and knowledge by researching Eco-Evo-Devo with Pf. Vincent Laudet and team members.

(Photo credit: Rio Kashimoto & Manon Mercader)

By Manon Mercader & Rio Kashimoto (Date: June 11th, 2021)