Sustainability For All Workshop


2022年9月15日 (木) 12:00 13:00


Lab 3 C700


What does the 1.5-degree climate threshold signify? Is there a place for sustainability in science and in our everyday work?

Learn more about the fundamentals of climate change and climate action in this interactive workshop organized for the OIST community.

We will discuss the potential impact of a warming planet on OIST and the OIST community. We will also examine different approaches that are being utilized across the globe to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from research and higher education.

This workshop is open to everyone in the OIST community. We welcome everyone to come together and brainstorm about how to help OIST become more sustainable.

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Image Caption (above): "GLOBE" by Ed Hawkins. Each colored stripe represents the average annual temperature of the Earth between 1850 and 2021 from left to right respectively. 


About the Speaker

Kate Whitfield is the Director of Zeroverse and a Sustainability Specialist at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health. Her work focuses on developing and implementing strategies to reduce carbon emissions from the academic research sector, and includes conducting carbon footprint analysis, developing equitable and sustainable travel policies, implementing green lab practices, and engaging professionals and students through a training program accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project.

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