Health and Safety Officer: James Osborne

James Osborne

Academic life before OIST:

  • studied Chemistry at University of Birmingham
  • worked for a year in industry as part of my studies

Unit at OIST:

Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering Unit under the supervision of Prof. Fujie Tanaka

I study chemistry, because:

I enjoy the practical aspects of the subject and the lab I’m in. I’m also hoping to pursue a career in the chemical industry after the PhD so continuing to study chemistry seems pretty important for that.

In Okinawa, I like to:

head out to all the food and drink places around Okinawa.

Also really keen on films, gaming, comics/manga and art books (admittedly not Okinawa-centric but we do have access to Amazon Japan and all the not-at-all overpriced stuff on there).

I am the Health and Safety (HANDS) Officer, because:

H&S stuff is pretty essential in my work day-to-day. Someone also thought it was a good idea to nominate me for this position so I thought I’d give it a go (plus the role is one of the less intensive/ more laid back positions in the council).