Program at glance (PDF)

Monday, November 13

14:00-18:30        Arrive and Check-in

18:30-                 Welcome Dinner

 Tuesday, November 14

09:00-09:30         Opening Remarks

                             Tadashi Yamamoto

Session 1: Different angles to RNA biology study

09:30-10:20 O-1 Toshinobu Fujiwara

Zfp36l1 represses translation initiation independently of deadenylation mediated by AU-rich elements

10:20-11:10 O-2  Matthias Hentze

Changing perspectives on RNA and RNA-binding proteins:

Riboregulation of mammalian autophagy

11:10-11:25         Coffee Break

11:25-12:15 O-3  Osamu Takeuchi

Roles of an endoribonuclease Regnase-1 in the maintenance of immune and iron homeostasis

13:15-15:30         Poster Session

Session 2: Translation and co-translation control

15:30-16:20 O-4 Shintaro Iwasaki

Genomic and structural basis of self-resistance to natural translation inhibitor in Aglaia

16:20-17:10 O-5  Toshifumi Inada

Crucial roles of UBP3-BRE5 deubiquitination complex in translation attenutation upon unfolded stress response

17:10-17:25         Coffee Break

17:25-18:15 O-6  Thomas Preiss

                            Translation cycle dynamics and compendia of RNA-protein interactions

18:15-18:45 O-7  Clement Chapat

Insights into the role of the 4EHP-GIGYF1/2 complex on translational silencing

19:00-                  Dinner

Wednesday, November 15

Session 3: The CCR4-NOT complex and translation

09:00-09:50 O-8    Martine Collart

Not1 serves as a scaffold for assembly of mRNPs with multiple functions

09:50-10:40 O-9    Keiji Kuba

RNA deadenylation-guided control of cardiac homeostasis

10:40-10:55           Coffee Break

10:55-11:45 O-10  Sebastiaan Winkler

Reconstitution and biochemical activity of a human pentameric CCR4-NOT core complex

11:45-12:15 O-11  David Gatfield

Circadian RNA biology – from molecular mechanisms to physiological functions

12:30-                    OIST Tour → Excursion (Lunch on bus)

                             Excursion *2000 yen. 

                             Churaumi Aquarium

                             Nakijin castle Ruins

19:00-                    Dinner

Thursday, November 16

Session 4: RNA biology in plant and model organisms

09:00-09:50 O-12  Yukako Chiba

Poly(A) status of clock genes were modulated by AtCCR4a/b deadenylases, components of the CCR4-NOT complex in Arabidopsis

09:50-10:40 O-13  Hidetoshi Saze

Epigenetic regulation of intragenic transposons impacts gene transcription in Arabidopsis

10:40-10:55           Coffee Break

10:55-11:45 O-14  Yukihide Tomari

                              Assembly and function of the RNA silencing complex

12:00-13:00           Lunch

Session 5: Structure and function of the CCR4-NOT complex

13:00-13:50 O-15  Joseph Reese

                              The many functions of the yeast CCR4-NOT complex

13:50-14:40 O-16  Mark Bartlam

Structural studies of the human CCR4-NOT complex

14:40-15:30 O-17  Bertrand Seraphin

Organization and regulation of the CCR4-NOT complex impacting mRNA deadenylation

15:30-15:50           Coffee Break

Session 6: Transcription-associated RNA biology

15:50-16:40 O-18  Teruko Tamura-Niemann

Effects of the transcription elongation rate on RNA processing of immediate early genes and the role of THOC5, a member of the transcription/export (TREX) complex

16:40-17:30 O-19  Yumiko Imai

A lysine methyltransferase suppresses influenza virus replication through regulation of functional chromatin domain formation

17:30-18:20 O-20  Masatoshi Hagiwara

Chemical therapeutics of congenital diseases by manipulating transcriptome.

19:00-                    Final Banquet

Friday, November 17

Session 7: Decoding hidden codes in RNA sequence and biology

09:00-09:30 O-21  Kent Duncan

The RNA-binding protein Pumilio-2 selectively modulates memory in mice

09:30-10:20 O-22  Charles Joel McManus

                              Finding and testing hidden uORFs

10:20-10:35            Coffee Break

10:35-11:25 O-23  Yuichiro Mishima

                              Codon-mediated mRNA decay in zebrafish embryos

11:25-11:55 O-24  Charles Plessy

                              Single-molecule transcriptome analysis