Departure arrangement

Arranging Return Flights

OIST does not pay for outbound moves or return tickets. This is either your responsibility or that of your next institution. 

International Moving Companies

Please check below page for the moving company information that takes care of international moving

list of international moving companies

International Shipping Services

1. Japan Post

The most reasonable price for shipping boxes and printed materials such as books

*Starting 1st January 2021, it has been mandated to send “digital data for customs clearance” beforehand to send packages overseas using Japan Post. It means that you need to generate a label online instead of writing on a physical copy of a label. If the digital data isn’t submitted, the parcels may get returned to the sender, or may take longer time for the parcels to pass through the customs.

This was decided by the signatories of the Universal Postal Union in accordance with the higher demand for the improvement of the security of the international parcels from the perspective of preventing terrorism.

The services that are subject to this are:

  1. EMS(Express Mail Service)

  2. International Parcel(by air, SAL, and surface)

  3. International e packet

  4. International e packet light

  5. Small wrapped goods