Annual Road Tax

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Road tax for white-plate car owners

The automobile tax is imposed both as a property tax*1 and a road maintenance charge*2. The tax is used to cover the general expenses of the prefecture.

*1: a vehicle is regarded as a property  *2: the owner of a vehicle is required to pay the charge based on the damage to the roads

  • Levied by: Prefecture
  • Levied on: Regular cars with white license plates
  • Taxpayer: A person who owns a vehicle as of 1st April
  • The due date: 31st May

There is a fixed basic formula set down by law (see the table below)
 Unlike the biennial Shaken inspection taxes which are lumped into the price of the inspection, the owner of a vehicle is responsible for the annual automobile tax payment.

Please ensure that the stamped automobile tax receipt is kept with all paperwork for the car because it is required for the biennial Shaken inspection.

Table: Tax rates for standard home vehicles*the tax is assessed by the total engine displacement as measured in cc’s (cubic centimeters)

Total Displacement

Annual Tax Amount

(For Private Use)

Vehicles Manufactured More Than 13 Years Ago
under 1,000cc 29,500 33,900
1,000cc - 1,499cc 34,500 39,600
1,500cc - 1,999cc 39,500 45,400
2,000cc - 2,499cc 45,000 51,750
2,500cc - 2,999cc 51,000 58,600
3,000cc - 3,499cc 58,000 66,700
3,500cc - 3,999cc 66,500 76,400
4,000cc - 4,499cc 76,500 87,800
4,500cc -5,999cc 88,000 101,200
over 6 litres 111,000 127,600


Road tax for yellow-plate car owners

  • Levied by: Local city/town/village offices
  • Levied on: Smaller cars with yellow number plates, Mopeds (under 50cc), Small bikes (under 600cc), Mini-cars
  • The due date: 31st May

Table: Tax rates for light vehicles

Vehicle type Tax class

Annual tax amount

(for private use)

Vehicles registered AFTER 1st Apr. 2015

Vehicles aged 13 years  or older

Motorized bikes Engine output not exceeding 50cc 2,000 NA NA
Engine output over 50cc and under 90cc 2,000 NA NA
Engine output over 90cc and under 125cc 2,400 NA NA
Light & special vehicles Mini-cars 3,700 NA NA
4 wheeled regular vehicles (5- number) 7,200 10,800 12,900

The figures above only represent the standard rates and municipalities are allowed to raise the basic tax rate to up to 1.5 times the national standard.


How to Pay?

The tax bills are sent out at the beginning of May.

 The vehicle taxes can be paid by taking the bills to:

The automobile tax

The light vehicle taxes

  • Local convenience stores
  • Financial institutions within the prefecture
  • Local municipal offices

When you go to pay the bill, you will receive a part of the bill as a receipt. You will be asked to provide it when your car undergoes the inspection. Please make sure to keep the receipt until your next inspection.