OIST Representation Theory Seminar


2023年12月5日 (火) 16:30 17:30


L4E48 and online on Zoom


Eric Marberg, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Title: From Klyachko models to perfect models

Abstract: In this talk a "model" of a finite group or semisimple algebra means a representation containing a unique irreducible subrepresentation from each isomorphism class. In the 1980s Klyachko identified an elegant model for the general linear group over a finite field with \(q\) elements. There is an informal sense in which taking the \(q \to 1\) limit of Klyachko's construction gives a model for the symmetric group, which can be extended to its Iwahori-Hecke algebra. The resulting Hecke algebra representation is a special case of a "perfect model", which is a more flexible construction that can be considered for any finite Coxeter group. In this talk, I will classify exactly which Coxeter groups have perfect models, and discuss some notable features of this classification. For example, each perfect model gives rise to a pair of related W-graphs, which are dual in types B and D but not in type A. Various interesting questions about these W-graphs remain open. This is joint work with Yifeng Zhang.

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