Zumba toning classes by Chika Price

Zumba Toning is

Created by Beto Perez who is an American fitness instructor from Colombia and this was born in the United States in 2001.Using light dumbbells (less than 1.5 kg) called "toning sticks," Zumba toning is performed to Latin music and steps, and is suitable for weight loss and health maintenance, as it tightens muscles and burns a lot of calories. It is also expected to improve stiff shoulders and lower back pain.



トーニングスティックと呼ばれる1.5kg 以下の軽いダンベルを使い、ラテン音楽やステップに合わせて行うズンバ・トーニングは、筋肉が引き締めやカロリーの消費も多いので、ダイエットや健康維持に向いています。肩こり、腰痛改善も期待できます。

Chika Price

Her dreams  came true and move in Okinawa. Now, she is teaching Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba toning, and Yoga at US base for 12 years.bThis time, she will have her Zumba toning class at OIST in September.



Date | 日付

Every Monday 6:45P.M -7:45P.M | 月曜日 午後6時45分~7時45分

Location | 場所

Ocean View Room | オーシャンビュールーム

Fee | 参加費

The fee per class is  ¥500  Please pay the instructor directly.


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I certify that I am in good health to participate in any fitness related activity hosted by OIST Recreation Services and will sign the liability waiver. 私は、OISTレクリエーションサービスが提供するフィットネス活動に参加出来る健康状態であることを保証し、免責同意書に署名します。
If you are not vaccinated, we will ask that you kindly register and take a weekly PCR test and/or antigen test. Please understand that there are risks associated with exercise in groups. ワクチン未接種の場合、週に1度のPCR検査または抗原検査のご協力をお願いしております。ご理解の程、よろしくお願いいたします。
The instructor will notify the Director of Recreation in confidence and the Director will notify the students and ask that they follow the OIST guidelines on close contact or positive test. 講師は感染者の個人情報を保護しつつレクリエーションサービス代表に報告します。その後、代表から他の参加者達に濃厚接触者または感染者となった場合に関するOISTの規定に規定に従うよう求めます。
The fee per class is 500 JPY - please pay the instructor directly. 参加費は1クラスにあたり500円です。直接講師の方へ現金でお支払いください。