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Japanese Nutritional Information Vocabulary Chart

The following information is listed on the "nutritional information chart" or "nutrition facts." Usually mentions calories, and basic nutrients. Occasionally, various vitamins and minerals will be listed.


Ref: The Ultimate Guide to Reading Food Labels in Japan | Surviving in Japan: (without much Japanese) (

Japanese Hiragana Romaji English Notes
エネルギー              - enerugii food "energy" or calories  
熱量 ねつりょう netsuryou calories  
たんぱく質         たんぱくしつ tanpakushitsu protein Can also be seen as "タンパク質" or "たん白質"
炭水化物             たんすいかぶつ tansuikabutsu carbohydrates  
ナトリウム - natoriumu sodium  
脂質 ししつ shishitsu fat  
カルシウム               - karushiumu calcium  
糖類 とうるい tourui sugar Sugar is also "砂糖," which is commonly
used for sugar under
the ingredients section
てつ tetsu iron  
亜鉛 あえん aen zinc  
葉酸 ようさん yousan folic acid  
食物繊維 しょくもつせんい                      shokumotsuseni dietary fiber The kanji for fiber can be listed other ways too.
ビタミン__   bitamin vitamin __ Products that add vitamins
such as cereal or some breads
will list vitamins under the
ingredients with the
corresponding vitamin (such as B, C, etc.)
食塩相当量 しょくえんとうそうりょう shokuentousouryou amount of table salt


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