Seminar "Time-resolved transport in quantum optoelectronic nanodevices" by Katawoura Beltako, Aix-Marseille University


2018年9月4日 (火) 9:30


C016, Level C, Lab1


Title: Time-resolved transport in quantum optoelectronic nanodevices

Speaker: Katawoura Beltako, Nanodevice Quantum Simulation (NQS Group)
Aix-Marseille University, France


Recent advances in excitation frequencies beyond gigahertz offer the ability to probe the
internal response of a quantum system. Time dependence in nanoelectronics has arisen as
the major challenge for next advances in device modeling and simulations. Oscillating gate
voltages, time-dependent bias but also applied illumination pulses, all are examples of key
issues in quantum transport simulations which require novel approaches as well as efficient
numerical methods. In this context we proposed a suitable technique and efficient algorithms
to the simulation of time-dependent transport in nano-systems interacting with light radiation,
relying on the state of the art in quantum statistical methodologies, with a special attention to
the formalism of non-equilibrium Green's functions. The method and the developed
algorithms have enabled us to investigate carrier transfer processes in molecular
nanojunctions. The study led us to the elucidation of unsuspected physical effects and
captivating experimental proposals for the determination of internal quantum characteristics
of these nanodevices. This work provides us with a valuable tool for ultrafast quantum
transport simulation. It also gives indeed an insight on the relevance of transient dynamics in
the understanding of time-resolved optoelectronic nanodevice operations and open avenues
towards the design of future ultrafast optoelectronics.

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